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By Nick Corcodilos

I'll warn you right now. This is not a "how to" article, but a story about how getting stuck in the past almost ruined my career as a headhunter. Hopefully, you'll find in this story the courage to keep you from letting your ego ruin your next job.

Taking the job on faith.
When I first got into the search business, I joined a small firm that "hunted" engineers. I was green as they come: right out of grad school with zero knowledge about business, much less about engineering and the electronics industry. The firm I joined taught me a lot; enough to help me establish a good reputation as a good headhunter after a couple of years of hard work.

Quite naturally, as a naive new grad I had joined the firm on faith rather than after carefully assessing the business. I watched with puzzlement as one good person after another left, usually on harsh terms with the owner. My problem was that I was so busy absorbing basic business knowledge that I mistook the owner's erratic personality for enthusiasm and business savvy.

When Harry Hamlin, my immediate boss (the guy who actually hired me), eventually left to start his own business, it dawned on me that something was very wrong. Shortly, all the desks in the office were left empty, except for mine. As the last employee, I felt the full brunt of the owner's fear and insecurity, and her wrath came down on me daily. After a particularly nasty public dressing-down, I decided to leave and join my ex-boss...

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