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Get A Job Offer 100% of The Time
By Kenton Green

I am soon to be a Ph.D. graduate in Electrical Engineering and Optics, and I worried that I was crazy because I ignored the "Internet Job Sites". Instead, I went directly for a few companies I was interested in, found an article published by someone in my field who worked at one of those companies, and under the pretense of being interested in learning more (which actually was true anyway) I would call the person or email them and ask to talk.

In the process, I would mention my employability, discuss their manpower needs and either a) get an interview that has so far [4 times] resulted in an offer 100% of the time, or b) learned that we weren't such a good match after all, and I was glad I didn't waste time sending an anonymous resume to their HR department.

The main reason I am writing is because I am greedy, and I want you to stop recommending that people work outside the system. Right now my signal-to-noise ratio is nearly infinite -- almost no one else seems to be doing what I am doing, and I'd hate to see that change.

Wait until after I get the job I want, and then blab to everyone.

Seriously though, I really enjoy Ask The Headhunter. You have an engaging writing style and lots of good info. Keep it up. I think if the employment scene mutated into something like what you are envisioning, the US industrial juggernaut would be nigh unstoppable.

Kenton Green is a new Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Optics, from the University of Rochester, Center for Optoelectronics. While Kenton and Nick have a running debate about who's revealing what secrets to whom, they both believe that a batting average of 1.000 is a good thing. Please send any comments about this article to The Headhunter.


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