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Q  "Interviews without resumes"
Care to share any strategies for getting to the hiring decision-maker without first being asked to submit a resume? Then, once you've contacted the decision-maker, how does one schedule an appointment without, once again, being asked to first submit the resume?

A  Heck, this is what I spend most of my time discussing on Ask The Headhunter. I'll try to summarize here, but you'll have to read my articles for more details. Here's the best approach for getting an interview without having to submit a resume first.

What you're doing here is identifying the people who will guide you to the manager, and preparing something valuable to say once you get to him (or her).

  1. Go after just one company at a time.
  2. Study the company in depth, to learn about their business, the problems and challenges they face, and to find out who the key people are. Do this by reading about them exhaustively.
  3. Talk to their employees, customers, competitors and their vendors. Research is 90% people, 10% reading. This is how you make contacts that will lead you to the hiring manager.
  4. Be ready to demonstrate how you're going to add profitability to the business. That's the key thing you must do with the manager when you talk, be it on the phone or in person.

<< Then, once you've contacted the decision-maker, how does one schedule an appointment without, once again, being asked to first submit the resume?>>

Suggest that you'll bring your resume with you. But explain that your resume is historical, and that what you want to do in your interview is demonstrate how you're going to apply your skills and abilities to help this manager's department be more successful today and in the future. 'You're welcome to my resume, as long as you understand that I don't expect to be hired because of my successful history. I'd like fifteen minutes at your whiteboard, so I can demonstrate to you how I'm going to make your business more successful, and how I'll 'pay for myself' if you hire me. If I can't show you what I could do for you, you shouldn't hire me.' That statement is the most powerful way I know to prove that you're action, not talk.

If the manager insists, send the resume. If you don't hear back in a week, forget it. But be aware that you are still responsible for proving your value to him in the meeting. Finally, read the ATH articles I referred to. They'll help.

Best wishes,
The Headhunter


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