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Q  "Getting in the door"
Nick, I need your help! I have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed. I have worked for a large food manufacturing company for the past 12 years and have been in the food industry for 17 years. I live in an area (NC) that I really love and want to stay here if possible. I have identified an employer in a similar business in my area as a target but cannot get them to give me the time of day. I have tried a number of methods but to no avail. My question to you: what ideas do you have for getting an employer to open up. I have written letters, made calls (only to get voice-mail), had friends inquire on my behalf, but still nothing. Give me a really good idea. I am counting on you.

A  The employer may not be hiring. Or you may be getting the runaround from the wrong people.

  1. Find out who their vendors are. Talk to the rep from the vendor who services the account. Get names, get advice, get a referral. Get him or her to put in a good word for you.
  2. Ditto their customers.
  3. Call their sales department and ask for the rep who handles your area (local, obviously). Ask that person for some advice. Ask for names. Ask them to give you a tour of the facility and to introduce you to some managers.
  4. Avoid Human Resources.

Hope one of those ideas is smart enough to pay off. All you owe me is to tell me how this works out.

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