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Adding Value to Your Career

Your employer may provide training and continuing education, but remember that it's up to you to increase your worth -- by finding new ways to add value to the work you do and to your career. These books represent some of the best ideas and methods for making you more successful at your chosen work.

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Talking Your Way to the Top,
by Gretchen Hirsch
(Prometheus Books, 2006)
Headhunters won't come out and tell you, but if your use of the English language stinks, you lose. At last there's a grammar book for business people. I'm recommending this to all my friends, even those who write and speak well, because it's a friendly, thorough guide to using language to your advantage. Far too many business people can't write well -- and it shows. Poor writing, even more than incorrect spoken language, reveals illiteracy. Let Gretchen Hirsch amuse and instruct you. It'll make you a better business person. Order a second copy for a friend whose career you care about. Order this book.

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How Winners Sell,
by Dave Stein
(Bard Press, 2002)
Why are there more "sales books" in The Headhunter's Bookstore than career books? Because sales experts have more useful advice for serious job hunters than career jockeys do. Dave Stein's book transcends sales: it's about success at work. He emphasizes "the truth" about an opportunity over the wishful thinking that leads to bad choices. He teaches how to become proficient at asking questions before approaching prospects (or employers). And he shows how to recognize a lost cause -- an employer who will waste your time. This book will help you win the job, and it will help you do it successfully, too -- even if you don't work in sales. Order this book.

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Success Secrets From Silicon Valley,
by Geoffrey James

(Times Business, 1998)
The "Silicon Valley success story" is no accident or coincidence. The success of the high-tech industry stems from the common sense wisdom that a bunch of young upstarts re-discovered while the rest of American business mired itself in management-speak. (Don't miss author James' Guest Voices article: Who Do High Tech Companies Want To Hire?) The beauty of this book is that it lets the people who made it all happen speak to you directly -- and James organizes all this wisdom so you can use it. Don't let the subtitle fool you: this book isn't just for employers. It will help make you more effective. Order this book.

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How to Be A Star At Work,
by Robert E. Kelley

(Times Books, 1998)
No, this isn't some hokey "get rich quick in sales" book. It teaches a legit set of strategies that will help you perform better at your work. Many of the ideas may seem obvious and simple, but most profound ideas are. The challenge is to organize, communicate and implement them. Kelly has conducted years of research to develop the concepts; the challenge to put them to use is yours. Key point: stars aren't just high-profile corporate types -- they're people like you who get the job done. Order this book.


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