SevenFigureCareers, aka 7F, aka 7Figures

Readers have been sending me stories about their encounters with this firm — — which charges thousands to set you up with clandestine private equity and venture capital firms for top-secret jobs at confidential start-up companies with interviewers whose names cannot be spoken.



This firm’s business is so confidential that you’ll have to search carefully to find its own name on its website.

Top Secret

The FAQ is locked down, the Contacts page and “Who We Are” are hidden, but SevenFigureCareers proudly displays the American Express Partner logo, which inspires confidence.

If you’ve been solicited by Arthur French or Tony French, I’d love to hear about your encounter. Post here, or drop me a note about your encounter.

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  1. Don’t know what I clicked on, but found the following “About Us” on this page:

    (Bio links and “click to accept” just allow you to send them an email requesting information.)
    A single platform that allows over 2000 associate recruiters and 1600 private equity and venture capital groups a single place to work CONFIDENTIAL!
    Managing the platform:

    T. French, VP of Recruiters (bio)?
    J. Chris, VP of Account Management (bio)
    C. Nicholas, Executive Operations (bio)
    J. Timberlake, VP of Recruiting Operations (bio)
    M. Smith, Application Management (bio)

    Click to Accept the confidential requirements for use so you can see WHY 7F is the number ONE platform used by Private Equity and Venture Capital Groups, Fortune 1000 Company’s and Retained Recruiters, for their highly confidential job search assignments!

  2. I saw a grammatical error in the TOU and some of the terms used (“queries” vs “questions”) tells me that this may be not be a US entity.

    Some interesting searches turned up:

    T. French – UK Trucking Company

    J. Timberlake – Justin Timberlake for pages and pages of search (LOL)

    What a fascinating mystery! Can’t wait to find out the outcome of who is really behind this very bland and hokey website!

  3. Why don’t you send it to American Express to enquire whether they approve of this? I.e. whether they are aware that their logo is being used and whether it is legitimate use (they may not be aware). I believe American Express do care about their PR and image and if something is wrong with this website or company, let AE take them to court and just watch how things pan out.