Whew… it’s been a rush of a few days… Wednesday at Fort Dix with 1,000 soldiers returning from Iraq… yesterday in Manhattan for the fourth Ask The Headhunter segment on New York Public Radio with Brian Lehrer. This episode was more fun than usual because we did it in the studio with a live audience — they asked some great questions, and so did folks calling in.

We closed the WNYC series with Odds and Ends: Closing the Deal — Should you disclose your salary to an employer?

Brian and I focused a bit on advice for military in transition and took a call from a former Marine who has been in the job market for a year — but these tips apply to anyone looking for a job:

  • Can an employer ask you for a pay stub from your last job?
  • What should you do to follow up after an interview?
  • Should you always negotiate for more money?
  • And more… here’s the audio from yesterday’s show:

Many thanks to Brian Lehrer and his fine staff for their hospitality! And special thanks to those listeners who responded to my little on-the-air recruiting experiment: I presented three searches I’m working on and asked interested listeners to e-mail me their resumes. I was stunned by the volume and quality of the responses! One of my clients exclaimed, “People who listen to public radio are the kinds of people we want to hire!”

[Please note: The job openings I discussed on this radio program are no longer available.]


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  1. We ask all applicants to fill out an application COMPLETELY which includes salary.
    Then, when we make an offer we require proof of income. This is simply another way to verify one of details the candidate has told us. Many details are unverifiable.