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****UPDATE: Here’s the audio of today’s event. (How’d it go? Listener rylee from manhattan said: “I love this segment, very helpful. If you could find more experts like this guy, it would provide a very enlightening discussion.” Thanks, rylee!)

WNYC is at 93.9 FM, 820 AM — and “streaming live” on the web at wnyc.org. This is part of a weekly Ask The Headhunter Series during July…

This week’s topic: How to Work With Headhunters.

This is a call-in show — Bring your questions! The last two weeks, we got so many calls that we’ve decided to extend the Ask The Headhunter program with a LIVE online chat today…

****UPDATE: Man, did we get questions today…! I type at 120wpm and my fingers are toasted…. The chat transcript is here (click the “replay” button when you get there…) In the meantime, I’ll take more questions here on the blog for those whose questions didn’t get answered.

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  1. Re: your Headhunter Apprenticeship Response to me — What would be a reasonable commission to expect from the start (assuming of course that I will have some success)? I will be receiving NO OTHER COMPENSATION. However I feel this is a great opportunity to learn from an old hand. He is willing to share his time, expertise, office space, etc.

  2. @Anita: If there’s no other comp but commission (and I think that’s good – it will get you to sink or swim quickly) then I believe the commission should be at least half of the fees you bring in. That’s how I started out and I can tell you, it works. Make sure he teaches you all aspects of headhunting, including recruiting candidates and bringing on new company clients. I wish you the best! Here’s the article I was talking about during the chat — I didn’t have the link handy: http://www.asktheheadhunter.com/habeaheadhunter.htm Please let me know how this turns out for you. Be patient — it takes time to get going.

  3. I am thinking of moving from W2 to 1099 status with my company(W2s can’t telecommute, 1099s can). I do not use their medical (have my own) but do get about $140k Life Insurance free which I’d like to keep/replace. Given that I’m making about $35/hour and would need to cover both halves of FICA, what hourly rate would
    give me the same net income? 40 years ago, the freelancer needed to earn 40% to break even, but not sure that’s still a good figure.

  4. Ray: I’m not an expert at converting salary to fees… but rule of thumb among consulting firms is that they bill at around 2X what they pay the consultant they assign to their client… This covers benefits, payroll processing, taxes, benefits, insurance, profit. Personally, I’d expect about 1.7X my salary at least. Also remember that you can write a lot off as a 1099 worker, but you must also be able to prove to the IRS that you qualify as an independent contractor. Rules are pretty strict. Check the IRS site, look up “independent contractor rules.” Don’t forget that you may need errors/omissions liability insurance unless your contract waives liability. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable will chime in on this…