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Join me today, February 11, 2014 for a special Ask The Headhunter Reddit AMA — Ask Me Anything — at 1pm ET.

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I’m doing this in cooperation with my good buddies at PBS NewsHour, where I produce a weekly Ask The Headhunter feature. (If you’re a marketer, don’t miss my weekly column on

We’ve done “open mic” on the Blog before, where you pound me with any and all questions, and I try to pound my keyboard and tackle them all without passing out. But this is something new — I’ll be answering questions throughout the day, and I hope we’ll attract some new “regulars” to Ask The Headhunter!

If you’re new to Ask The Headhunter, here are three good introductions to what this community is all about:

Ask The Headhunter In A Nutshell: The short course

Ask The Headhunter: Introduction

And a sampling from a recent edition of the Blog: Big HR Data: Why Internet Explorer users aren’t worth hiring

So please pile onto the Reddit AMA – at 1pm ET — Ask me about jobs, recruiting, hiring, stupid HR tricks, what I had for breakfast, where I like to backpack, and what my favorite band is! (Anything!)

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  1. Do hiring managers use computer tests that are purposely vague in order to trip up applicants to see how they handle stress? Was recently tested for a temporary data entry position that wanted me to alphabetize words, but directions on computer were vague as to how to arrange the words- thought I was going nuts. Had to keep calling manager into room to ask what’s up. didn’t figure out I was being tested on HOW I take the test until after I figured it out and was leaving the building. Seems sneaky to me, but is it common? Why go through that for a low paying temp job?

  2. I am new to this Reddit AMA forum, and I am not quite sure how to use it. I keep clicking on links in the Ask the Headhunter newsletter in order to join the Feb 14, 1pm session, as well as the link embedded in the email I received, but I seem to be in a circular loop.

    The email from Nick stated “Ask Me Anything” so I assumed it was a “verbal” ask, not a “chat session” ask. Is this a correct conclusion?

  3. Hi,
    I was a researcher at a university in the North east. I have a quantitative background. I would like to move to industry. I am interested in data related industry. How difficult it is to move to industry given I don’t have prior industrial experience.

  4. Hi Nick – In my last job, I was able to work from home and found that working from home really suits me and how I work. As I’m applying to on-location jobs, I want to begin the discussion about potentially working from home or working from home a few days each week. Any suggestions on approaching that?

  5. Sorry if there was any confusion. I didn’t get the direct link til just before 1pm, which is when I added it to my post above.

    Click here to post on the AMA:

    I’ll take Qs til about 6pm ET…

  6. @Rusty,
    Tests like the one you took are not deliberately vague to test your stress handling or patience. I’m afraid you took a test with poorly written instructions. The employer was attempting to assess your skills at data entry but by using a bad test, or at least bad test instructions, they failed to do so. You’ll find good and bad quality in tests just as you’ll find it in hamburgers and aluminum siding.
    Erica Klein (author of Employment Tests: Get the Edge)