Do the math. I keep telling you, just like 95% of HR people aren’t worth spit, neither are 95% of coaches, counselors or headhunters. Bad economies stimulate mutations in the business community that should be destroyed before they wreck the gene pool:

The birth of a headhunter

In the next mutation, they join with former founders of, HotJobs, TheLadders and CareerBuilder and hawk v!aGra by e-mail. They have great potential to mess up your life — if you let them.

(Thanks to Scott Adams, who could have chosen to become a headhunter but did not.)
  1. Sounds like you’re giving headhunters a pretty nasty rap. Sure, there are a lot of them out there, but you’re focusing on only the negative pool of them.

    Let’s talk about the 5% that are good.

  2. Headhunters are like politicians = it’s the 95% that give the rest a bad name….

  3. I love talking about the ones who are good. But the Scott Adams cartoon just cracked me up. He gets it to a pretty deep level and shows where so many “headhunters” (who give the 5% a bad name) actually “come from.” That’s what got my attention. Thought it was worth sharing, and a good education for the uninitiated.

    The 5% need to work harder to keep the business clean, because by the time some poor sucker (candidate or employer) realizes s/he’s dealing with one of the 95%, the 5% are out of business… THAT is what I’d like to talk about…

  4. Well, as they say, chaos is a great capitalizing opportunity for those that are well meaning. People like to be able to trust other people, and when they have nobody to trust, finding someone who consistently IS trustworthy will cause that person to give their trust to them unequivocally.

    It’s the same principal that Stephen Covey talks about – the emotional bank account.

  5. I love it, Nick! I think it’s funny how many recruiters take things like this personally. Let’s face it, gang. There are lots of realtors out there, just like there are lots of headhunters/recruiters. We are wonderful people if we do our business right and treat people with the respect that we should (whether or not they deserve it!).

    So, if the 80-20 rule in everything holds true, this does too.
    Let’s keep on rocking – to the great headhunter beat. Cheers!