When PBS NewsHour broadcast a TV segment I that I appeared in on September 25, viewers flooded us with questions about online job application forms — and about all kinds of daunting obstacles they face in the job search.

I answered many of their questions in a special column on the NewsHour website. And the questions kept coming.

The host of NewsHour’s Making Sen$e program, Paul Solman, asked me to do a regular Ask The Heahdunter Q&A column — and the feature keeps growing!

It’s Open Mic!

We’ve done Open Mic here on the blog before — and that’s the theme of my new feature on NewsHour.

What’s your problem? What challenges are you facing in your job search — or if you’re a manager and you’re hiring?

Join me for the latest round of Q&A! My hope is that you’ll post your own advice, thoughts, biting commentary, suggestions, and ideas about what makes the employment system stop and go.

Ask The Headhunter Archive

Here’s the archive of Ask The Headhunter columns on NewsHour so far:

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As long as you keep asking questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. As long as you keep posting your comments, I’ll keep chiming in — and I expect the input and discussion you generate will change some lives, just as it does here on this blog.

The feature has been so popular that each new column has been trending on GoogleNews Spotlight. Join us and keep the discussion lively — and keep us trending!

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  1. Hi Nick,

    Here’s two questions. How does/should a canidate go about getting meaningful feedback from a recruiter/HH when you got rejected (based on a HR lackey from a phone screen)?

    This leads me into my second question. I have a vague feeling that I wasn’t a strict 100% match, but I have enough industry specific experience that I felt I could have fit the bill. I communicated this to HH/Recruiter. To the point, I think my salary expectations were at the top end of their range and it would have required a move on my part (of course they asked if I wanted relocation assistance). How price sensitive are your clients in regards to not being a 100% match + the HH/recruiter fee + relocation?

  2. Recruiters want the best, and having these helpful tips for job seekers is a great way to lead them in the right direction or a career!