I’ve written before about “professional resume writing firms” that offer “free critiques” of people’s resumes. It’s obviously a teaser, to get you to use their services. Nothing wrong with that — especially if you get some useful input about your resume from a good resume writer.

I’m doing some research on the resume business, and on free resume critiques in particular. And I’m asking for your help.

If you’ve received a free resume critique recently, I’d like to see a copy, if you’re willing to share it.

Please send it to me, along with any information about the resume writer who produced it for you, at nick@corcodilos.com. (If you have the entire e-mail from the resume writer or firm, please send that, too.)

I plan to publish a column about free resume critiques in the near future. The more samples I have, the better!

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Hi Nick – This is loosely aligned with your request. Our online resume tool TargetMyResume.com compares your resume and the job posting then suggests which keywords and phrases to adopt into your resume. What’s cool about it is that it uses artificial intelligence to make those suggestions, based on the same algorithms employers use when they run it through their applicant tracking systems. Plus, it’s all automated. You merge the keywords into your resume with the click of a button. So, if this is helpful, check it out at https://targetmyresume.com