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How can I change careers? (audio)

Whether you’re changing careers or changing jobs, your challenge is to make yourself stand out from your competition — and your competition might be fierce. You might be competing with people who are more experienced than you, and whose resumes look better than yours.

In this short presentation (from a recent teleconference), I explain to a group of job-hunting executives what it means to stand out — and how to prove you’re worth hiring into a job that’s new to you.

To learn more about how to carefully select your target companies, how to use a business plan rather than a resume to apply for a job, and how to demonstrate your bottom-line value to a company, check out How Can I Change Careers? It’s not just for career changers — it’s a powerful tool for changing jobs.


  1. Dear Nick Corcodilos,

    Please let me know what plugin (software) needs to be installed to listen to your audio.


  2. The audio is in .wma (Windows Media) format. Windows Media Player (standard on almost any Windows pc), WinAmp, other media players will play it. I had to pick a file type – went with .wma because it’s so common. If others have a problem, pls say so – and I’ll change it to perhaps .mp3. Or offer both.

  3. Nick hi,

    Love the valuable content you share so willingly.

    Would you be able to recommend / direct me a resume writer who can write resumes (as a business plan) or a resume similar to Leonardo’s for this Century.


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