1. Nick,

    Great job. Your are as articulate in person as on the website.

    Funny though, the questions that were asked by the anchors were, in themselves, indicitive of how people just “dont get it.” But you did handle them with aplombe.

    Good luck changing the game, Nick!

  2. Nick, I was really proud to watch you, since I have been a fan and following your blog for a number of years. The game has been changing for awhile, and you are helping change it. I am tweeting this post.

  3. Did I really say… “It just literally popped into my head…!”??

    Ouch! What a dope… Perfect opportunity to explain what Ask The Headhunter is all about and I go bluh-bluh-bluh… !

  4. Entertaining interview there. Sadly, Nick seemed to be on the ball and the anchors seemed to not quite get the point. Thanks Nick for having this advice site and taking the questions you do.

    The “It just literally popped into my head” was the kind of honest off-the-cuff remark I’d expect from you, being the honest straight-shooter that you are.

  5. It is what it is, Nick. You didn’t handle it badly.

    The interviewers were only half listening to the answers, being more absorbed with what question to ask next, and the rigors of managing their time line. One of the greater flaws in broadcast journalism.

    But good promotion for ATHH! Nice work, Nick.

  6. Nick, great interview. You succinctly reviewed the best way to approach job hunting. Very honest, straight forward…. direct and spontaneous…even “it just popped into my head”. Too bad the questions were the same-old, same-old.
    Thanks for reinforcing your weekly job search nuggets.

  7. Wow, I’d have to agree that the hosts’ questions indicate that they didn’t “get it”. I got the feeling the questions were mostly from a “can I spin it this way” mindset, sometimes paired with a “can I point out a he-said/she-said conflict area”.

  8. TV is a very different medium. The anchors are sitting there with dozens of stories to cover and they’re working for the most part from teleprompters. It’s virtually impossible to discuss a topic in two 2.5 minute bursts, so you try to do your best. And you can’t just talk about what you want to talk about – as you can see, it’s all driven by questions they ask, and you just need to try to get some useful points in. My rule for doing TV is, I’ll do it if it’s a legit network and if they send a car to ferry me back and forth! (The best gig I ever did on TV was for MSNBC when it was first started – an hour-long Q&A segment in which we took questions from the audience all around the country. THAT was fun!)

    Thanks for all your kind words! If you liked it and want more, take a minute and shoot a note to Bloomberg telling them so! (Don’t complain about the anchors – just ask for a longer segment on whatever topic you’re interested in.)

  9. The last question…FAIL…as you explain you are not Monster.com as your answer, just an advice site.

  10. @Melissa: You are absolutely right. Good observation and one I made when I first saw the video. I should not have mentioned Monster. And I should have said that Ask The Headhunter is the intelligent alternative to job boards, where we learn how to demonstrate our value to win a job.

    Which just goes to show – no matter how experienced you are with interviews, a post mortem review is important if you want to do it better next time. I’ve watched that segment again and again, and I walk away shaking my head each time. “Coulda done it a lot better.”

  11. Hey Nick, I meant the gal who interviewed you as
    she obviously failed to do her due diligence checking out your website.
    Your answer was actually perfect IMHO.

  12. I have a question for you, Nick irrelevant to the above.