Sometimes an idea gets a point on it when there’s a story to tell…

Chris Walker is an “ATH Regular” from Ohio. He is a Training and Placement Specialist at the Senior Employment Center in Akron. That means Chris helps seniors find jobs. He just sent me this note, which made my day:


One of my recent grads had a very positive and lengthy telephone interview. She scheduled a face-to-face interview and then called all her references to give them a heads-up as to the company and position.

One of her references recognized the company and asked, “Did you interview with Mary Smith?”

When my student said yes, he said, “Hang up the phone. I’m calling her right now. I’ve worked with her for years.”

That was on January 7; she started the new job February 1. This was my first encounter with The Preemptive Reference. Powerful, my friend, powerful.

Thanks, Chris! You just made my day… Click here to find out what Chris is talking about: The Preemptive Reference.