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15. Work with people who are better than you.
When I took the most difficult course in my college career, I decided to form a study group. My professor, Dr. Arnold Glass, advised me to let only people who were smarter than me into the group. At first I was insulted; then I realized he was absolutely right. Why work with people who know only as much as you do? (Or less?)

There's no better advice for your career: seek jobs where you can work not with people you can impress, but with people who can teach you more than you already know. If you're an employer, hire people who know more than you do.

When you're interviewing for a job, ask to meet the expert on the team who knows more than the manager does about the actual work. If there isn't anyone, you've just found a manager who won't hire anyone smarter than he is -- and you've found a dead-end department. Otherwise, you've found a potential mentor. If you want to become better at your work, work with people who are better than you.


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